How to improve customer satisfaction?

The quick answer is to go ahead and ask your customer. Yes, no one else but your customer can only explain what are their pain points, which are the tedious processes consuming most of their time & energy!

Well, exactly those are the areas where one can think and provide appropriate solutions which will give relief to the pain, make the tedious tasks simple. Then why would a customer be not satisfied?

How would you think deeply for a relief medication if you are not experiencing the pain at all? It’s empathy which makes a person feel other’s pain. Customer satisfaction can be understood better if/when you keep yourself in customer’s shoes & experience everything.

Recently, I worked with the Mortgage Bankers Association to launch its Newslinks website on VIP. The journey started with understanding how they publish as of now using IGX and what are their pain points.

The pain points were that the IGX had a licensing cost, it was not media reach & it involved many clicks (tedious) to populate/prepare a single Newslink. MBA publishes the Newslink daily & I could not imagine the pain until they presented the process over the call with screen share.

While discussing the new content architecture with my team, we decided to:

  • Have three separate content sections (Custom Post Types) for each Newslink type
  • Build a Gutenberg Template Block, which will make the Newslink skeleton ready
  • Build custom blocks to populate the Newslink template with news stories using few clicks

I was constantly reviewing what my team had been developing. That helped me prepare the demos and train the MBA team. The editorial team at MBA is comprised of senior members. All of them aged between 45 to 55. Thus learning a new CMS was going to be a tough job. I picked that up and with the help of my team I prepared training videos. The MBA team now can refer to those videos at their own leisure and keep going.

How do you keep your customers satisfied? ? Feel free to share in the comments below?