How I fixed my MacBook Air charger for ₹ 1150

After using the MacBook Air & charger for ~3 years, the charger pin started giving problems. Two charging pinpoints were burnt due to heating while charging the laptop.

I had to adjust the pin multiple times to charge my MacBook. After a few days, it completely stopped working. Six years ago I was using MacBook Pro and that time a new charger cost me ₹4,000. This time when I enquired again for MacBook Air, it had reached ₹7,900.

That was too much!

I started looking for options & my colleague Sandeep suggested buying a duplicate charger for ₹1900. He used that and it was working fine. I thought that to be a good option but when I tried to purchase it from the site reported that the product does not deliver to my address. I approached Sandeep & requested to order one for me but it showed the same error for him too. After some time the product started showing out of stock. Donno what was going on!

One of the Apple service centers offered non-branded charged for 4900, but again that was also too much!

Then I found a YouTube video that explained a DIY method to fix the charger.

I didn’t have those skills so I purchased the cable from and hired an electrician to fix the cable.

I provided him with cable, video & my charger. He billed me ₹450 for his services and guess what – I am using the original Apple MacBook Air charger which I got fixed only for ₹1150!