Hello world…?

…its my birthday today & I consider myself so special to gift this blog on this auspicious day 🙂 I wanted to start my blog since many days (months in-fact) and the wait is over now!

I invested last few weekends in learning AngularJS & WordPress REST API. Then, to make some experiments, I searched for ready made bootstrap html/css templates and landed up on Clean Blog template. Then I thought – “How if there would have been a WordPress theme for this template so that I can leverage the css and focus on AngularJS/REST coding part?”

Guess what? I found that the WordPress theme for Clean Blog static bootstrap template was already developed by deviodigital.  Since this was the regular WordPress theme, I forked it and developed the REST of it. I mean the REST & AngularJS integration 😉 You can find the current version on github. Feel free to star it, fork it and use it the way you want. But remember, it is still work in progress and not complete so you may find some issues as well.  I am still to add basic features like search form, breadcrumbs etc. I will definitely do that as & how time permits.

Also, some day I will write my complete journey on how I developed my blog using WordPress REST API V2 and AngularJS. It will not be a tutorial but rather a journey because already there are so many tutorials and resources on the internet looking at which I reached here.

So stay tuned and till then wish me a HaPpY Birthday & prosperous life ahead 😀